I have a full – time job, how can loquella help me earn extra cash?

The loquella tool offers you a direct way to promote your skills and manage your booking availability. Here are five tips to help you get the most value from loquella and help you earn more revenue:

  • Your profile is your resume, so make sure it reflects all your training, skills, awards and importantly… what you offer to potential clients.
  • When you create your profile double-check that you’ve filled out the Days Available and Working Hour categories.
  • In your calendar block out dates/times when you are not available. To a customer these will appear as blacked out.
  • Embed the Book Me Now! link into your email signature and tell your customers how easy it is for them to see your availability and book you directly.
  • Don’t ever become complacent or discouraged. Always promote your services. Reach out to existing and potential clients and invite them to book your services on loquella.