How does an Agency benefit from using loquella?

Anyone who is in the business of sourcing and scheduling interpreters or translators will find loquella to be a valued resource and partner to their business operation.  Here’s why:

  • Through our All Access plan, offers Agencies a HUGE time savings when searching for and booking the services of interpreters and translators. No one likes to spend time sending out texts, emails or calling people to inquire if they are available for an assignment or a project.
  • Loquella significantly reduces the time to book.
  • The ability to create TEAMS allows Agencies to search calendar availability in seconds.
  • The tool is flexible and allows the Agency to cancel, edit or reschedule an assignment at any time.
  • Technology is a great platform for bringing people together. The loquella tool gives Agencies the ability to expand their geographic reach of interpreters and translators, as well as the variety of experts who are geographically located in various areas.
  • Loquella’s monthly fee for the All Access plan is extremely affordable.