Frequently asked questions


I’m a translator. How do I get the most value out of this calendar tool ?

Since translation requests are project-specific and not mobile assignments like interpretation bookings, here are some suggestions to help translators promote their calendar availability while managing different projects:

  • Translators work on their projects at various times and intervals. Use the loquella tool to promote your credentials and be discoverable by potential customers.
  • Keep a clean calendar. Use the blocked time feature only for certain events when you are not available.
  • Make each project request for your time limited to a single day or a single hour. This way your calendar appears clean and shows others that you’re available.
  • Potential clients can upload documents directly into a booking request.  Ask them to do this as it will help you respond to rate inquiries. 


How does an Agency benefit from using loquella?

Anyone who is in the business of sourcing and scheduling interpreters or translators will find loquella to be a valued resource and partner to their business operation.  Here’s why:

  • Through our All Access plan, offers Agencies a HUGE time savings when searching for and booking the services of interpreters and translators. No one likes to spend time sending out texts, emails or calling people to inquire if they are available for an assignment or a project.
  • Loquella significantly reduces the time to book.
  • The ability to create TEAMS allows Agencies to search calendar availability in seconds.
  • The tool is flexible and allows the Agency to cancel, edit or reschedule an assignment at any time.
  • Technology is a great platform for bringing people together. The loquella tool gives Agencies the ability to expand their geographic reach of interpreters and translators, as well as the variety of experts who are geographically located in various areas.
  • Loquella’s monthly fee for the All Access plan is extremely affordable.


I speak multiple languages and already have a steady book of business. How can loquella help me?

This is a typical question that is heard from established and well known interpreters & translators.

  • One option is for you to use loquella to promote the language that you’re not getting many requests for. Here’s an example:  You speak Russian, French and English.  Most of your business is in Russian-English and you want to increase your French language client revenue. Use loquella to promote the French-English & French-Russian combinations.
  • The second option is for you to promote all your multilingual skills and sign up as an occasional interpreter/translator. With this price option there is no monthly fee and you pay only when you accept a booking.
  • Your credentials on loquella may be a great fit for someone with a unique need and you would be contacted. Without a presence on loquella, the likelihood of being found is diminished.


I have a full – time job, how can loquella help me earn extra cash?

The loquella tool offers you a direct way to promote your skills and manage your booking availability. Here are five tips to help you get the most value from loquella and help you earn more revenue:

  • Your profile is your resume, so make sure it reflects all your training, skills, awards and importantly… what you offer to potential clients.
  • When you create your profile double-check that you’ve filled out the Days Available and Working Hour categories.
  • In your calendar block out dates/times when you are not available. To a customer these will appear as blacked out.
  • Embed the Book Me Now! link into your email signature and tell your customers how easy it is for them to see your availability and book you directly.
  • Don’t ever become complacent or discouraged. Always promote your services. Reach out to existing and potential clients and invite them to book your services on loquella.