Featured Professionals

Below you'll find just a small sample of our featured professionals

Hedy L.

South Korea

Languages: Korean-English

Specialist fields: Business, Technical, Legal

Qualification: ATA

Services/Portfolio: Translation/Interpretation

Zeng Zeng Y


Languages: English - Chinese/Mandarin

Specialist fields: Legal, Community, Technical, Business

Qualification: A.A.S Mathematics & currently working on AOPC certification

Services/Portfolio: Interpretation, Translation, Close Captioning

Jamie H


Languages: English - Spanish

Specialist fields: Translation

Qualification: M.A. in Spanish Translation, Kent State University

Services/Portfolio: Translation and proofreading

Aisha M


Languages: Arabic - English

Specialist fields: Translation and Instruction

Qualification: PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Services/Portfolio: Business, Community, Professional

Marilu E

Puerto Rico

Languages: English - Spanish

Specialist fields: Legal, Community, Business

Qualification: BS, Marketing. Boston College and
Pennsylvania Certified Legal Interpreter

Services/Portfolio: Interpretation,Translation and proofreading

Ana T.


Languages: Spanish - English

Specialist fields: Medical, Legal, Community


Services/Portfolio: VRI, OPI, Interpreting & Translation, Instruction

The pathway to success is not always a straight line. Sometimes bumps disrupt progress.

Loquella can help you smooth out your journey

Here are some helpful tips to follow along your adventure

Commit to the profession & make it your passion

We choose to help others who need our skills and abilities. Embrace your talents and give back.

Obtain the proper training

Display your creds with pride.

Be the BEST - Always

Love what you do - It's contagious.

Seek out advice from others in the profession and grow your network

You will be surprised at how willing others are to offer their assistance.

Market yourself constantly. Every interaction is an opportunity to sell yourself

Use the loquella tool everyday to promote yourself.

Always maintain the highest degree of professional integrity and ethics. Your reputation is the key to your success

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