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We are with you every step of the way. Loquella is portable. No matter where your career takes you, your loquella calendar will always be with you to help you leverage your special talents and earn income whenever YOU choose to market your skills.

What makes loquella different from everyone else? We are you. This website and calendar booking tool were conceived and guided by full-time interpreters and translators.

You name it: Community, Corporate business, Legal, Medical and Sign language. Every single aspect touches our lives everyday!

This is YOUR tool.  At the top of your profile page you have a link to your loquella calendar called Book Me Now.  Copy this link & embed it into the bottom of your e-mail signature. PROMOTE yourself. Contact all of your clients and invite them to click on your calendar link. Let your customers know they can book your services directly from within the calendar without having to ask if you are available!  How easy is that?

Let loquella.com help you manage your time and earn a great living while fulfilling your passion and making the best use of your skills & talents.

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Loquella's leadership team is built around first-hand industry expertise. Our goal is to promote and to foster the sustainable growth of Sign & Verbal language interpretation and Document Translation services while partnering with educational institutions, businesses & industry organizations who share our vision for globally integrated communication.

Use loquella to find your professional and book their services online.

Marilú Ericson

Subject Matter Expert


Marilú is the founder & CEO of LEMCO Interpreting. As a Marketing graduate from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management who is certified as a legal interpreter by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, Marilú is well qualified to provide insight in her professional areas of expertise.

Mike Canarelli



Mike consults with Loquella and guides our technical and online marketing activities. He is a successful entrepreneur and the co-Founder & CEO of Web Talent Marketing and CEO of Shyft Careers.

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Dave Ericson, D.B.A.



Loquella.com was founded by Dr. Dave Ericson as a platform to connect interpreters and translation experts with their customers in a unique electronic “booking” environment. The loquella.com online booking tool offers expeditious requests for service and provides the e-commerce platform for timely responses.